Creating Readers For Life

“Books are humanity in print” …Barbara Tuchman.

At Neev, we inculcate the joy of reading through a focus on how and what children read. This leads them to being knowledgeable strong readers, whether they read for purpose or pleasure. We encourage children to read and understand different genres to develop a wider view point. We aim to create a culture of well-read individuals, who read all-time classics that are age-appropriate that get referenced into their world, now and in the future!

Children learn to read by reading. In order to develop lifelong reading habits, learners need to have extended periods of time to read for pleasure, interest, and information, experiencing an extensive range of quality fiction and non-fiction texts. 

As learners engage with interesting and appealing texts, appropriate to their experiences and developmental phase, they acquire the skills, strategies and conceptual understanding necessary to become competent, motivated, independent readers. The Neev Literature Festival, an annual event at the Neev Academy, celebrates the books that spark the joy of reading. The festival will bring together children, authors, educators, parents, and all those who engage with children and children’s literature.
Our mission is simple – “Love to Read, Read to Love” – we want to create readers for life. Our festival offers an open and friendly atmosphere in which children and authors will converse with and learn from each other.